Historic Dahlonega Ghost Walk

Historic Hauntings Tour – 2 hour guided tour. 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Dahlonega, Georgia has a very haunted history, thanks to its gold-mining, Civil War and trail of tears past, as well as its geology. Sightings of Civil War soldiers playing cards in Mount Hope Cemetery, a ghostly little girl in a long white dress who plays in rooms in the Historic District, ghosts who rattle dishes and pans in restaurants on the Public Square, chairs and chess pieces being moved when no one was there…the stories go on and on and are corroborated by town residents.

 The 13-location guided tour takes guests on an eerie and intriguing journey full of local tales and legends. The Tour weaves through streets, back alleys, rows of historic buildings, and the historically significant Mount Hope Cemetery. We continuously study Dahlonega’s history and work with paranormal researchers using thermal cameras and other equipment to document sightings.

A strolling journey through one of Georgia’s most intriguing and nationally registered historic districts, Dahlonega, Georgia.  Local tales and countywide legends make this Lumpkin County attraction worth the storytelling chills as you weave through the streets, back alleys, rows of historic buildings and historically significant local cemetery.

19 East Main Street
Upstairs Porch Suite F
Dahlonega, GA  30533




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